Simply the best! I had Eisen remove asbestos duct wrapping in my home and they were professional, quick and thorough. Any contractor can remove asbestos, but can they make sure they wont spread the fibers around your house? I would not trust anyone but Eisen to do this kind of work. All of their work practices follow the state of the art practices and when dealing with a hazardous material, wouldn't you want that? I would recommend them to anyone.
K.J. Danville, CA
Dan and his brother run a fantastic small business. Dan was able to come out to get my estimate for asbestos removal in NO time. And, even though we did not know we would need asbestos removal until nearly the last minute, Dan was able to get his crew in and remove the asbestos tiling we needed in time for our move in date. And his initial off the top of his head estimate was beaten by a fair amount by his official estimate. This small business deserves your patronage. You will not be disappointed with their professionalism, work ethic, honesty, and pricing.
Jack D, Belmont, CA
Very impressed with the services I received from Eisen Environmental. They were able to schedule me very quickly and get the job done ahead of schedule. They were on time and courteous as well. They did a great job of cleaning up after themselves as well. Could barely tell they had been there.
Timothy S, Pittsburgh, CA
Scott organized asbestos removal from old boots in my heating ducting system. I obtained three bids and Eisen was the most responsive, understood the project aims, and quickly coordinated work. The onsite crew worked quickly, was professional, and finished the job to my standards. Overall, really well done.
Michael H, San Francisco, CA
We were recently upgrading our kitchen when our contractor discovered mold on the sheet rock. To add to the horror of finding mold, we also discovered asbestos. A double whammy! The Eisen Environmental crew was courteous, knowledgeable, thorough, and efficient. They were meticulous in prepping the area as well as strict about the disposal. They explained what they were going to do as well as how and what some of the machinery did. After the abatement was completed, an independent tester came in to re-test the house. The air samples took about an hour to complete, and we received the results the same day. I highly recommend the great people at Eisen Environmental.
Michael B, Concord, CA
In one word, professional. Eric responded to my initial inquiry right away, came out to give me an estimate and quickly completed the work. He and his team did an excellent job removing the asbestos popcorn ceiling and vinyl flooring in our home. It was especially important to me that it be done right as we have two little kids running around. The place looked like they had never even been there, except for no popcorn - yey! Thanks, Eric!
Katy L, Novato, CA
Asbestos abatement and containment is a serious matter and Eisen gave us the most confidence that their number of years of experience and through and thoughtful approach would be money well spent. Scott is an excellent communicator, was always accessible and responsive, showed up with his team on time and the job was completed as planned (no hidden charges or upticks) and on schedule and the air sample tests cleared the site. Absolute professionals and we will definitely use them again! Thanks for protecting us and our tenants Eisen!
Cocoa C.

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